Breakfast Menu

Monday – Saturday 9am to 11:30am
Sunday 10am to 3pm

Full Breakfast £7.95

Organic smoked tofu, Lincolnshire style sausage, mushrooms,
fried egg, hash browns, baked beans and fried tomato. Breakfast
includes wholemeal organic toast and a hot drink or fruit juice.

Full Vegan Breakfast £7.95

As above, no egg, extra sausage

Build Your Own!

Organic Smoked Tofu £1.50
Lincolnshire Style Sausage 75p
Fried Mushrooms 95p
Fried Free Range Egg 95p
Hash Browns 95p
Baked Beans 95p
Fried Tomato 30p
Organic Wholemeal Toast 85p

Daytime Menu

Monday to Saturday 9am to 4:30pm
Sunday 10am to 3pm

Please see blackboard for today’s soup & specials and place your order at the counter

Whale Tail Salad Platter £7.75 (Can be V & G/F)

(Four generous portions of salad, served with olives,
a choice of one of our cheeses or hummus and either pitta
bread or organic wholemeal roll)

Whale Tail Salad Bowl £5.50 (V)
Jacket Potato with Vegetable Chilli and Whale Tail Salads £6.25 (V)
Jacket Potato with Vegetable Chilli and Green Salad £5.25 (V)
Jacket Potato with filling and Whale Tail Salads £5.95 (Can be V & G/F)
Jacket Potato with filling With Green Salad £4.95 (Can be V & G/F)
Filled Organic Wholemeal Roll, Green Salad & Kettle Chips £4.95 (Can be V & G/F)

Fillings £1.00 each (All G/F)

Mild cheddar, Black wax mature cheddar,
Forest of Bowland Traditionally smoked cheddar,
Stilton, Brie, Garstang Blue, Crumbly Lancashire,
Dolphinholme Goats Cheese, Dolphinholme Smoked
Goats Cheese, Baked Beans V Hummus V extra portion

Homity Pie with Whale Tail Salads £6.50

(potato, cheese, onion and chives)

Spicy Bean Burger with relish, Green Salad and Chips £6.95 (V)
Hummus, olives, pitta bread and Green Salad £4.95 (Can be V & G/F)
Green Salad Bowl £3.25 (V & G/F)

 Tofu BLT with Garlic Mayo £3.85 (V)
Tofu and Mushroom Bun £3.85 (V)
Tofu and Egg Bun £3.85
Sausage and relish Bun £2.95 (V)
Sausage and Egg Bun £3.50
Cheesy Chip Bun £3.95

Beans on Toast £2.95 (V)
Wholemeal Teacake £1.25 (V)
Portion of Chips £2.50 (V)
Marinated Olives £2.50 (V)
Crumpets £1.00 (V)
Organic Roll £0.85 (V)

(V) = VEGAN               ALL GMO FREE

Specials Menu

Specials Change Daily, These Are Examples
Of What Could Be On The Menu.


Watercress, Lentil and Roast Garlic Soup + an Organic Roll (V Can Be G/F)


Roast Mushroom and Toasted Hazelnut Soup + Organic Roll (V Can Be G/F)


Falafel and Tzatziki with Green Salad and Pitta Bread (V or G/F)


Edamame Bean, Feta Cheese and Mint Terrine with Toasted Ciabatta and Green Salad (Can Be G/F)


Spicy Vegetable, Chickpea and Apricot Tagine with Lemon and Herb Cous Cous (V)


Rice and Bean Wraps with Avocado, Kiwi and Lime Salsa with Green Salad (V)


Griddled Haloumi, Yellow Pepper and Basil Quiche + WCS


Feta Cheese, Edamame Beans, Olive, Buckwheat and Avocado Salad with Mixed Leaves, Toasted Pumpkin Seeds and Sweet Chilli Dressing (G/F Can Be V= Organic Smoked Tofu)


Wild Mushroom and Walnut Burger with Stilton Mayo in a Toasted Ciabatta Roll with Chips and Green Salad (Can Be V)


Thai Green Vegetable and Chickpea Curry with Organic Basmati Rice (V and G/F)


Mexican Style Butternut Squash, Pepper and Mixed Bean Rissoles with Avocado Dip and Green Salad (V)


Creamy Sweet Potato, Smoked Cheese, Basil and Apple Bake with Whale Tale Salad (Can Be G/F)


Roast Aubergine, Potato, Spinach and Cashew Nut Filo Pie with Red Pepper Sauce and Whale Tail Cafe Salad (V)

   V = Vegan            G/F = Gluten Free

Childrens Menu

Available all opening hours

Soup of the Day with organic wholemeal roll (V) £2.25
Sausage, beans and either chips or jacket potato (V) £2.50
Jacket Potato with either beans or cheese or both and Green Salad £2.25
Hummus, Pitta bread and Green Salad (V) £1.95
Filled Roll with either Cheese or Hummus and Green Salad & crisps £2.25
Pasta Salad £1.25
Beans on Toast (V) £1.35
Crumpets £1.00
Ice Cream £1.25
Milk or Apple and Blackcurrant Cordial 65p

Hot Drinks

Espresso £1.75
Cappuccino £2.00
Café Latte £2.00
Americano £1.75
Pot of Fair-trade Tea £1.50
Mug of Rain Forest Alliance Filter Coffee £1.50
Cup of Rain Forest Alliance Filter Coffee £1.25
Speciality Coffee – Per one person cafetiere £2.25

(Java, Decaffeinated, Hazelnut, Kenyan AA Organic, Fair-trade Rwandan)

Pot of Speciality or Herb Tea £1.50

(All either organic &/or Fair trade)

Mug of Fair Trade Hot Chocolate £2.00
Mug of Barley Cup £1.50
Cup of Barley Cup £1.25

Cold Drinks

Fruit Juice £1.25

(Orange, Apple, Cranberry, Red Grape or Pomegranate & Blueberry)

Organic Canned Drinks Lemonade or Ginger Beer £1.75
Purdey`s £2.25
Sparkling Elderflower £1.95
Sparkling Lime and Lemongrass £1.95
Spring Water (Sparkling or Still) £1.20
Apple & Blackcurrant Cordial

Pint £1.50
Half Pint 75p
Kid’s 65p

Organic Milk or Soya Milk 75p

Got a birthday or celebration coming up?
Thinking of having a party?
Why not have it here?!
We can take all the stress out of that special event for you!
We do the catering, we provide the bar, we decorate the room, we have the staff…and we do all the clearing up afterwards!!!
All you need to do is bring the guests!
If you just want nibbles; a buffet or a sit down 3-
course meal, we can do it!
Prices starting from £3.95 per head
No room hire
Ask Trish or Rachel for details

Red Wine

Organic Spanish Usoa de Bagordi Rioja 13.5%
175ml Glass £3.25         250ml Glass £3.95       Bottle £10.50

One of the leading organic bodegas in the region has added this young
and juicy style to its range. Made for drinking not keeping, it has
delightful ripe berry fruit bags of flavour and a clean finish.
Tempranillo at its most appealing.

Rose Wine

“Live a Little” Organic Fair-trade, South Africa 13.5%
175ml Glass £3.25       250ml Glass £3.95       Bottle £10.50

Stellar winery is situated 275 km north of Cape town on the road
to Namibia. Fully Fairtrade organic and vegan it’s most likely a
unique rose. Vibrant in colour with refreshing red fruits
and balancing acidity it’s sure to please.

White Wine

Pinot Grigio – Biora, Italy, organic
175ml Glass £3.25      250ml Glass £3.95       Bottle £10.50

Softer and more delicate than some with lush apricot/tropical fruit aromas and flavours. A clean and elegant dry white from the Veneto area

Beer & Cider

Sam Smith’s Organic Bitter 550ml £3.75

Yorkshire’s famous Samuel Smith’s brewery makes this light golden ale
with a clean, hoppy nose and a dry, slightly zesty flavour. As an
independent brewery Sam Smith’s has guarded its century old yeast
strain and this gives the beer its distinctive character in which the
subtle fruity esters interact with a background of maltiness
and fresh (Hallertau) hops.

Sam Smith’s organic Lager 550ml £3.75

Hot on the heels of their organic ale, those talented Yorkshire brewers
at Samuel Smith’s produced an organic lager. Made with lightly
kilned lager malt and speciality Vienna malt. A generous addition
of German hops gives the beer a significant bitterness and
fragrance. Clean, refreshing and crisply continental in style.

Dunkerton’s Organic Cider 500ml £3.75

A medium dry and delightfully fruity blend of apples.
Highly commended in the Soil Association’s Organic Food Awards.

Budels Lager 330ml £2.75

Budels is a high quality crisp, pilsener style, organic lager made by a
family Brewery situated in the small town of Budel in the North
Brabant region of Holland.

All our wines, beers & cider are organic and vegan, the wines & cider are also gluten free.